“I must say that in spite of its obvious good looks, this tough broom sweeps and rakes better than any plastic, and most of the metal tools in my closet. After trying the broom on decks, walkways – pea stone and stepping stone – and turf paths, I can honestly say that it is truly durable and effective.”

~ Michaela Medina, The Gardener’s Eden Blog, June 2011
“I noticed that the broom is even more effective when it is turned sideways to compact the twiggy brush fibres into a more solid block, which makes it easier when you are trying to sweep wet leaves that have fixed themselves to the brick of a patio or wood of a deck.”

~ Steve Whysall, The Vancouver Sun, Oct 1, 2010
“First of all – unbelievable!!! Not that I didn’t believe what you said about the Garden Broom but being a gardening lover who spent years now frustrated with the inefficiency of the rake and the broom when dealing with my endless leaves… it was a bit too good to be true. Well, clearly it’s great and true – it works! Even with snow! I LOVE it. Thanks you so much for sharing your amazing tool with me.”

~ Sharon MacNamara, Vancouver BC 2011
“The Garden Broom is one tool that I don’t put away in my shed because when I’m not using it, it is decorating my outdoor space. I love how beautiful and ornate it is! I pride myself on a neat and tidy front and backyard, and I wouldn’t be without the garden broom because I use it all year to clean and clear. In the fall I use it to sweep loads of leaves off my lawn and sidewalks, in the summer I sweep up after gardening and mowing, and in the winter I use it to whisk the snow off my wooden deck, stairs, and even sidewalks after a light dusting. It is really the perfect year-round outdoor tool!”

~ Darlene Koroneos, Vancouver BC 2012
“I give my broom A++ for form AND function. With my first stiff sweep with the Garden Broom I knew this was going to be my new long term sweeping and raking companion. Inside and outside my home, the cottage, roof,outdoor paths; this broom has many talents. And, it serves as an art object while resting. I love it. Simple, earthy, elegant, and madly efficient. I even like the sound it makes…a stiff swish, swish. All my friends want one (or two). My popularity has increased because it is my number one gift for friends.”

~ Alix Hirabayashi, Vancouver BC 2012
“I just needed to contact you and let you know that this Garden Broom has ended my shopping days for the perfect broom/rake. We have a large “park like” back yard and for years have been looking for the perfect tool to take care of multiple tasks. The amount of money I spent on rakes, brooms etc has now ended. The Garden Broom has essentially replaced then all. Pine needles are always a problem when mowing the grass.. now my husband justs goes over that area of the yard with The Garden Broom first and then mows, what a difference! The Garden Broom is so light weight that even though I have some aging issues, it does not impact me at all! Just a super find for this household.”

~ Brenda Hourie, Vancouver BC 2012
“A Touch of OLD FASHION. I love this remarkable broom. I know it is meant for the garden and works great. I purchased mine to sweep my carpet. I have a high end dirt devil, that I always ended up sweeping with a broom afterwards. This broom is amazing especially with fine pet hair. I vacuum less because this broom is so much more convenient. It also refluffs carpet.”

~ Cy Creighton, Matteson, IL 2012
“This broom is a real pleasure to use for a variety of sweeping chores, but my favourite feature is it’s a perfect house-warming present. It’s beautiful, distinctive, inexpensive, and every time the grateful recipient picks it up they will think of you fondly.”

~ Alec Burke, Vancouver BC 2012
“We take great pride in selecting products that we know our customers will love. When Maria first brought us The Original Garden Broom we knew it would be a hit and we were right. They quickly sell out each season and we use it extensively in our own Greenhouses. What makes it really superior is that we can leave it outside, even in the rain, and it never rots or deteriorates. An excellent quality broom that we are happy to carry along side our premium quality flowers, succulents, and plants. http://www.wigplants.com/”

~ Alfred Kwan, W.I.G. Western Independent Greenhouses, Burnaby BC 2012
“After our conversation about the Garden Broom I checked our local Home Hardware store and discovered that they not only carry your brooms, but also had posted a very nice newspaper article about your company and your product right at the till! I bought a broom (which is very reasonably priced, by the way, for a hand-made product!), and took it home to sweep our car port and decks with it, but haven’t used it much since because it is such a lovely, decorative broom and I found a perfect spot for it in front of our house – see enclosed picture. It looks so good there that I decided it would become part of my yard decorations. So – I will go get a second broom that I will actually use, as it works really well and I love working with such a unique product. I’m sure it will also be perfect to sweep the snow of our decks in the winter. Thank you for pointing me toward a great product, and I wish you the best of luck for you and your company.”

~ Uli Payer, Ashcroft BC 2012
“I was initially attracted to the Garden Broom because it reminded me of a broom I only saw in Europe. Most brooms are not made for the outdoors. The Original Garden Broom is truly an outdoor broom and it is a real natural product. The broom proved to be very effective, living up to all of its claims. This is a product that does exactly what it said it would. The Original Garden Broom works great, it does the job, and we use it in our own store. We are very happy to be carrying this product and I wish The Original Garden Broom all the best in their success. ”

~Leigh Holmes
Iroquois Falls Home Hardware Building Centre, Iroquois Falls, Ontario, 2012Store # 1084-3
I just want to thank you for supplying a product that actually makes a chore (almost) fun!!!“I work for Trail Bay Home Hardware and we began carrying this awesome tool early in 2012. After reading the write up and seeing how they were made, I purchased one for my own use. My deck is quite large and is old rough concrete and with an ordinary corn broom or bristle push broom, it took me half an hour to clean it off. However, I am now sipping iced tea (or???) on my clean deck within 10 minutes of starting to sweep!!! ”

Thanks again, keep up the great work,

~ Eveline Forbes
Paint Dept Manager, Trail Bay Home Hardware, BC 2012
Store # 5438-4