About the Garden Broom

The Original Garden Broom combines attractive design with functionality and durability.

In many tropical countries the coconut tree is abundant. All parts of the tree are used and recycled for other purposes.  There is not one element of the coconut tree that is not re-used.

One such example is the branch of the coconut tree.  The branch has a life span of approximately two to three years before it perishes and falls off.

The fallen branch is then collected and stripped for the centre midrib.  The properties of the coconut tree branches made by Mother Nature cannot be replicated by any chemical or man made product.  The strength and flexibility of the midrib is what makes the Original Garden Broom so unique in its function and sweeping results.

For centuries, the fallen branches have been bundled or woven into brooms and used for sweeping all outdoor surfaces.  Hence the Ekel material as it is called, truly is the “Original” Garden Broom product.

The twine weave is made from the coconut shell husk and is called coir.  The husks are collected and soaked for 30 days before it is ready to be stripped.  The coir fibres are washed, combed and woven into twine.  The smoothly polished coconut shell is what caps the top.

Each element of the Original Garden Broom is made in a different location.  All the materials are then brought to rural areas for assembly.

Social responsibility and ethical trade is a priority for any publicly traded company.  The more brooms made the more jobs we create for those who would not have had an opportunity.

In purchasing the Original Garden Broom you are being environmentally friendly by using a sustainable product, which is ethically traded.

The key features of the Original Garden Broom:

  • New tool – Functions in-between a corn broom and a rake.  Stays firm and strong even when wet.  Does not disintegrate or fall apart during heavy use.  Has the density to sweep fine debris.
  • Very versatile — Works on any surface, wet or dry. Great for pine needles, leaves and light snow. Clean up your decks, sidewalks, patios, lawns, garden beds, doormats, cement floors, exposed aggregate and more.
  • Durable — Long lasting, strong and made to the highest quality standard.
  • 100% environmentally friendly — uses recycled materials from the coconut tree.


Sweeping is Believing!!